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Our Services

We accelerate your business, building on our intimate familiarity with entrepreneurship and startup challenges and our proven, well-structured processes and methodologies. This reduces your risk of failure and increases your speed to market.

We propel your mobile app development forward by creating with you a Mobile App Requirements Document with clear definitions of needs and appropriate emphases—an essential, guiding tool to align your development process.More
We will help you create a minimal viable product (MVP) to facilitate your products’ continued development. Validated learning will provide essential input about customer needs and impressions that will let you avoid costly missteps.More
We leverage our network of international and local partners to help companies penetrate and increase their foothold in the international market. We provide this assistance to telecom operators, internet and integration companies, OEM, media and content and other Israeli high-tech companies.More

About Application Buzz

We propel high-tech companies and new startups forward with highly-focused business and innovation development support services.

ApplicationBuzz’s portfolio includes a variety of companies from new startups to established companies.

Our customers include successful technology companies such as Face.com (acquired by Facebook), ICQ and others. At any given time, we work with a portfolio of dozens of new ventures, helping them to advance forward and stake out their own places in the pantheon of leading, established technology startups.

Application Buzz for You

  • We relentlessly strive to achieve our customers’ success

  • We drive professional processes to let companies innovate and create new business domains
  • We understand start-ups, their special needs and their challenges. No matter how far along the road your company is, we can put you on the fast track and help you minimize risk
  • We use the Lean Startup methodology to let you accelerate development time, minimize risks, and enable your startup to be prepared and well positioned as it enters the market
  • We believe innovation processes must be an integrated part of companies’ ongoing activities. We formalize innovation processes in all types and sizes of companies to ensure that they exploit opportunities within ever changing business domains.

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Meeting You Wherever You Are in the Startup Process

Idea Validation

You’ve got the core, the key to everything that is to follow. But now it’s time to polish that business idea into market reality that make business sense.

Building, Learning & Searching

Quickly and constantly develop a MVP – Minimal Viable Product, as your first Raw product to be tested by customers. This phase aimed to collect highly important data for your startup in order to validate your basic starting assumptions.

Grow & Optimize

Your product got customers attention and recognition. It’s a great time to know you are on the right way and move-on! It’s time to get better and optimize your offering. It might be also the money time. You’ve market recognition, their needs and how you’re going to approach and succeed. Sometimes it is the time that all you need are funds to put it all into the next progress.