Gazpacho Mobile – Introduction

Enterprise mobility is not just your workforce on the go. It is also about response to your needs, ongoing change and evolution.

Gazpacho is a brew of innovative, top quality ingredients that enable you to instantly mobilize your organization and accelerate your productivity. With Gazpacho, you are equipped not only for your immediate needs, but for the long-term, with constantly evolving new features. With our proven track record of mobile innovation, you are always one step ahead of the mobile ecosystem.

gazpacho001 mobile phone

Pohto and images credit: Netalizer

Gazpacho ensures operation continuity. With our solution, you can enjoy the advantages of mobile technology and streamline your work processes. Gazpacho brings everything you could expect from a mobile app – and more (legally valid signatures, comprehensive data entry, multimedia, barcode scanning, location, etc.). At the same time, managers can effortlessly supervise their team’s actions and assign tasks. Be it deliveries, inspections, or sales activities – Gazpacho makes it all much, much more efficient. Furthermore, Gazpacho offers users an experience so intuitive and personalized, that they’ll be unable to imagine their workflow without it.

Gazpacho lets your team become mobile immediately, with no IT overhead or any need for programming skills.

A cloud-base service, it is a low-cost solution, with no infrastructure or maintenance overhead.

Finally, Gazpacho is a secure, field-proven product you can rely on, reliably supporting millions of field operations since 2009.

Rich Data & Multimedia – Gazpacho provides advanced ingredients you can mix into your own special flavor. Our recipe ranges from simple data entry to legally valid signatures, images, voice notes, barcode and document scanning, GPS location and constantly evolving new elements.

Centralized Task Management – Your organization’s tasks are handled by a single platform, with end to end transparency. Managers can easily follow up on their team’s field actions in real time, effectively and with no cumbersome paperwork.

Seamless Work, Online or Offline – You can smoothly work anywhere, anytime, with or without internet connection, including the most advanced features you need, ensuring continuous operation. During offline work, all the information is stored on the device for synchronization.

Legally Valid Signatures – Gazpacho supports graphometric signatures on mobile devices. Complying with international standards, Gazpacho digitally captures handwritten signatures with biometric characteristics for legal authentication.  The signing process is separated from the data entry, allowing fast, simple form filling on mobile devices of any size. Furthermore, the signature is securely embedded in the document and linked to the content.

User-Friendly Backoffice – Gazpacho’s web-based backoffice enables simple and easy system and user management. It is used to create and manage the entire application. An end to end system, it provides you with full independence in managing the app, including data analysis and control.

Security – A field proven system, Gazpacho has been reliably serving hundreds of thousands of users, and performing millions of field operations since 2009. Gazpacho ensures your data’s security on the device, during transmission and on the server.

Integration with Customer Backoffice – Gazpacho offers a high degree of flexibility for integration with customer systems, for connecting processes and tasks.  Integration is performed via Web Sevice API, enabling user-collected data to be smoothly merged into enterprise information systems.

Integration with 3rd Party Apps on the Device – Gazpacho’s mobile client can easily be integrated with 3rd party apps such as Google Maps or Waze. It can be part of the end user app, or of a broader customer solution.

Exceptional Performance – Thousands of daily actions are performed by Gazpacho in a smooth, uninterrupted manner, and vast amounts of data can be stored on the device.