Opportunity Of Things

Technological Innovation Workshops for Every Business

The Business Value Behind the Buzz Words

Opportunity of Things workshop will give you a practical understanding of the new smart technologies ( the Internet of Things, big data, machine learning) and how they can improve every business and organization- retail, services, agriculture, manufacturing and more. You will learn the real value behind the buzzwords and gain knowledge that will help your business stay relevant and innovative.

Real Case Studies, Products and Examples

Opportunity of Things workshop is based on real case studies and examples. Learn how other companies are using the Internet of Things and the smart technologies. See how your organization can use these technologies for better operations, customers engagement, new business models and more.

Projects and Action Plan

Opportunity of Things workshop insures the knowledge you gain will not stay at the theoretic level. Round tables session, guided by business experts will help you find ways to implement new technologies that will serve your organization goals and answer it challenges. You will prioritize projects and get recommendations for the next steps.