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We accelerate your business, building on our intimate familiarity with entrepreneurship and startup challenges and our proven, well-structured processes and methodologies

Start-Up and Entrepreneurs’ Program

It might sounds very simple to raise a good idea and implement it. But it is not!

Most ideas and entrepreneurs fail.

The main reason entrepreneurs and start-ups fail is that they rush to the execution phase quickly—well before they actually adequately understand their future business and their real market.

The result is both harmful and wasteful because the entrepreneurs developed a product or service that does not meet real market needs or it is not formulated correctly to scale within the intended market.

Getting to know the business means that you will be able to align your product or service with an appropriate target market, business model and implementation.

Coping with this complexity is the real challenge for entrepreneurs wishing to bring products and services to adoption by customers.

Entrepreneurs also need to get to know customers’ feedback, reactions and opinions regarding their products or services before they have been fully developed.

Entrepreneurs need to offer the market something different.  This something does not have to be radically different.  But, in at least in one product or service aspect, it must accomplish the one and the only thing entrepreneurs and start-ups needs need to ensure:  it must bring value!

ApplicationBuzz’s Start-up and Entrepreneurs’ Program accelerates your business by guiding you through a quick and well-structured process that reduces your of risk and helps you to create a clear road map for your startup and the right way to launch it.

You will work together with our team to define:

  • Customer and user needs
  • Target customers and segmentation definition
  • Customer relationships
  • Customer validation
  • Value proposition
  • Prospective customers’ current alternatives
  • Pricing aspects
  • Business model

We will work with you to create a:

  • Business plan in a professionally formatted document
  • Customer and investors presentation and VC pitch
  • Key partners strategy
  • Go to Market (GTM) strategy
  • Funding strategy

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Mobile Applications

We propel your mobile app development forward by creating with you a Mobile App Requirements Document (MARD) with clear definitions of needs and appropriate emphases—an essential, guiding tool to align your app development process.

Developing a mobile application is a long, complicated and costly process.   If not managed carefully, companies and entrepreneurs may find themselves frustrated by a long and exhausting development process that ends in disappointment.  Our job is to ensure that you and your team safely navigate this process.

ApplicationBuzz will not develop your App.  Rather, we will guide you through the process of creating a Mobile App Requirements Document that you can use with any development house you choose.

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Nothing is real, until it is experienced…” John Keats

We will help you create a minimal viable product (MVP) — a small and lean version of your future product—in order to facilitate your products’ continued development.

Validated learning based on your MVP will provide essential input about customer needs and impressions that will let you avoid costly missteps.

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Raising Funds

All start-ups require financial resources.  Raising these funds allows you to pursue your business development goals so your venture can begin generating its own returns.

Today, there are multiple ways to raise funds to support your business growth. But not all funding sources fit your business model and specific status.

ApplicationBuzz will help you match resources to your business that are aligned to your business plan and your business road-map.

We are well familiar and well connected with the local, national government and international funding resources that are available for technology and other companies and entrepreneurs.  We can help you find the right matches that will propel your business forward.

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International Business Development

We at ApplicationBuzz are excited to create new business opportunities for our customers.  We specialize in identifying opportunities for valuable collaborations and partnerships between technology companies, bringing together solution providers and a range of valuable partners.

We leverage our extensive network of international and local partners to help companies penetrate and increase their foothold in the international market.  We provide this assistance to telecom operators, internet and integration companies, OEM, media and content and other Israeli high-tech companies. Among other companies, we have worked with Telefonica, Sprint, US-Cellular, BT, Accenture, HBO, EA, Salesforce, Rogers Wireless, Tele2, and Telenor.

Over the years we have also acquired close familiarity and working relations with dozens of Israeli high tech companies in the fields of Mobile Applications, IOT, m-Health, Value Added Services and vertical solutions, such as cloud-based services, mobile payments, finance solutions and more.

Eldad Cohen, ApplicationBuzz’s CEO, serves on the board of advisers that guides the creation of the Israeli pavilion at the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.

ApplicationBuzz has been chosen by the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute and the Ministry of Industry & Trade of the Government of Israel to serve as a senior consulting company in the fields of the international high tech industry.

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